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6 - 12 months are some of the most fun months to capture


This is the time that your baby will start to crawl, sit, laugh and sometimes even walk, and that is why it is so exciting to capture these milestones with beautiful photos. These sessions are very flexible to work around nap times, but even if naps don't go to plan on photo day, Natarsha has a relaxed way with young children and an ability to engage babies and capture their delightful, genuine smiles.  


Sitter sessions are best scheduled when baby is sitting but not yet crawling. Babies like to do the newest skill they have learnt and aren't keen on doing things they have done for ages. So when your baby starts to sit up, thats when we schedule the sitter session! If we wait until baby is crawling, then they will want to crawl the whole time and wont lay on their back or sit in one spot like they used to.  

If baby is already on the move, thats fine too - it just means we all work a little harder at the shoot! I have some sneaky tricks that usually help get the photos on the day.


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Katia Charron

North Brisbane

Natarsha has photographed my family for years and we always LOVE our photos. The prints she does are incredible and she always goes the extra mile to ensure our expectations are exceeded. She is so great working with children, she manages to capture the sweet little in-between moments as well as the stunning happy portraits. 

Alexandra Tabet

Everton Park, Brisbane

We have had many photo shoots with Natarsha, maternity, newborn, baby and family. She is so great with young children, my girls are always captivated by her and the photos come out so beautiful! I can't wait to come back for our next family photos!

Angela McHardy

Keperra, Brisbane

My kids can be quite shy around new people but Natarsha is such a natural with kids that she was able to gain their trust and confidence really quickly, and as a result we have so many gorgeous family photos, we struggled to choose which one to frame! 

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