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Bella 6 Years Old - Brisbane Family Photographer

I have had the absolute joy of photographing Bella every birthday for the bast 5 years. Watching this little girl grow into a little lady has been incredible. She is fun, vivacious, cheeky, sweet and completely adorable.

Oh, and beautiful, but that's obvious.

Over the years we have had a range of sessions, some indoor, some outdoor, always different from the year before. So it was no surprise when it was decided to host this years session indoor in my new studio.

She brought no less than 4 beautiful dresses to wear at the shoot, her hair out and flowing around her face. Giggling away on a soft flokati mat with a beautiful pink flowery backdrop behind, the picture of sweetness. Except when she kept poking her tongue out to me and collapsing in giggles, but I already told you she is a cheeky one so it was all in good fun.

Bella had brought a little tiara after seeing one of her photos from her first session with me years ago, so we put it on her head and she instantly became a little princess, poised and polite.

Bella is such a smiley, happy girl and I seriously LOVE smiling photos. But there was this moment of calm, lifting her hair from her neck to cool down between photos. An off-chance capture. This is the image I could not stop staring at when looking through her session.

Next I tested out a new purple drop to match her purple pretty dress, and my gosh this colour suited her! It really made her stunning blue eyes pop with such vibrance and sparkle.

The red dress was her favourite and she danced around in it like a little ballerina. She also brought some "tude" with this one, I think Tyra Banks calls it "Being Fierce" and Bella totally was!

Lastly we put the fan on and a big white fru-fru dress and Bella spied the flower headband on a rack in my studio and asked to wear it, so of course I obliged. I have to say this was the most beautiful setup, all white, sweetness and calm. It was just me and her by this stage (her mum had stepped out a moment) and we kept giggling together saying "Oh my gosh - your mum will never believe you wore this!" and she would reply "Oh my gosh, she's going to get such a surprise!" Bella couldnt wait to show her mum these photos in the back of the camera when she came back into the studio.

With it all wrapped up Bella changed back into her play clothes and we waved our farewells until next time!

Beautiful Bella, 6 years old, the world at your feet.

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