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As we met at the gorgeous location of Bunya Crossing Reserve, the boys were chilling out in the car while their mum and said our hellos.

Im used to kids not being interested in me, or even shy of me when we start a session but it never takes long for them to relax and open up.

As we walked through the gorgeous bush tracks I chatted with Jaxon about animals, there were so many around us, bush turkeys scuffling in the undergrowth, turtles bobbing their heads out of the water to see what the fuss is today. Jaxon got a bit of a fright looking into the water at one point as he thought there was a crocodile waiting to lunge out... but it was just a submerged tree trunk.

After getting the hard part out of the way, that being the first family photo - Jaxon was straight off up a rock wall as I spent some time talking and photographing younger brother Hudson.

Hudson was such a character, full of over-the-top smiles where his eyes were so crinkled you couldn't even see out of them anymore!

We called Jaxon back down from the rock wall and he went and sat with his dad at the river side and looked for turtles and threw rocks as far out as they could. The splashes made the water sparkle and twinkle in the late winter sun, gosh its such a pretty time of year for photos!

So full of energy the boys bolted off further up the track, I took my eyes off them for a moment while I changed lens on my camera and next time I looked up they had both jumped the rails of the boardwalk and were exploring underneath it! Got to love boys and their fearless explorations.

We pulled them back up to the boardwalk and let them climb over the rails which they both loved - especially since this meant they were nearly as tall as Dad!

Back to the waters edge for the last-light photos and a new competition. Theres an old tree that sticks out above the river level and within seconds of seeing it the boys were throwing rocks to see who could hit it first. Next thing you know a rock comes hurling over our heads as Dad has a go too!

I love having fun with the kind of energy these boys brought and so we did a bit of a crazy photo to end the session - and it turned out to be one of my absolute favourite ever family photos! Hudson's Dad was flying flying him around with his arms outstretched like an aeroplane and his Mum and older brother Jaxon were racing and laughing in the background, then I applied a cool effect to look give a 3D feel to the image and it was just magic!

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