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Baby Matthew 100 Days - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Baby Matthew arrived in studio with his beautiful family ready for their very special photoshoot to celebrate Matthew's 100 Days.

The 100 day mark is celebrated in some cultures as an important day for the baby - 100 days birth celebration represents the wish that the baby will live 100 years!

Matthew was accompanied by his older siblings Kylie and Noah for the photoshoot. As it was a warm summer day we quickly popped out to the garden for a few outdoor photos before the heat set in. It must have been very interesting for little Matthew as I struggled to get his attention away from the butterflies and bees busy about the greenery!

Soon enough we popped back inside the studio where there were less distractions and more opportunity for smiles and playtime with his family.

Being close to Christmas, we created a cute "Elf on the Shelf" photo using some photoshop magic. Matthew was laying on his back, safely settled into a soft prop but with the illusion of sitting upright.

He had the cutest little Koala jumpsuit on as he arrived and his parents said that his nursery has a lot of native Australian animals inside, so without missing a beat I had my cute new koala beanie out of the prop cupboard and on his head! He really does make for a cute little koala joey!

To finish the session off I got out another new prop, a beautiful wooden rocking chair the perfect size for children.

With older brother Noah settled in to snuggle his baby brother and doting sister Kylie to one side, these kids finished the shoot on such a high, creating one of the most perfect, sweet and cherubic images of the day.

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