How to Always Look Great in a Photo - Brisbane Family Photographer

May 3, 2019


There are a few tips to looking great in a photo, and if like me, you grew up in the 80s and/or 90s where cardboard disposable cameras reigned supreme and selfies were not a thing, listen up! 


The millennial's know this stuff without even realising it, so here are a few hot tips to looking just as hawt in your photos, without resorting to hiding behind a terrible Snapchat filter!  Seriously, those filters are the photo equivalent of hiding under a paper bag.  




Find your best angle


The best angle is from above (those darn selfie queens have it right) because it makes your body appear smaller and is all about your face. Plus, by raising the camera, you will naturally look up to it, reducing any concerns about the jaw line, aka double chins. 




Chin forward and down


We usually lean out of a photo and tip our chins up to avoid the double chin line right? Don't. This just makes us look up your nose and your chin becomes the biggest part of your face. Pushing your chin forward like an emu will create more of a shadow underneath and tipping down makes your eyes the part of your face closest to the camera. Big eyes are totes in. 





Get second from the front


If you are in a group shot at night, don't be the face at the front of the photo unless it has a continuous light. If the camera has a flash you will catch all the flash and appear very white in the photo!