Essential Cheat Sheet for First-time Parents - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

July 2, 2019


Navigating the wonderful world of newborns can be daunting when expecting your first baby. Here are my top tips of the simple things you will do every day with your new baby. 

How to swaddle


Babies are houdinis. They can get out of almost any wrap you do. Photographer wraps are not suitable for home as we are always eagle-eye watching babies in our studio, so do no use a photographer style wrap at home.  My tips for wrapping at home are to use a stretchy wrap and wrap it really firm. As your baby wriggles they will naturally loosen it, so start strong. Leave an arm out if that's what they like, but if you can wrap both arms in, you have a better chance of the wrap staying tight for longer.


There are a few ways to wrap safely at home, heres how I do it:






How to tell if your baby is too hot or too cold


Babies can't truly regulate their body temperature until after around 18 momths old and are more sensitive to temperature than adults. 


Cold babies will have a grey skin tone with a marbled effect across the surface of the skin. Add a layer or two plus a blanket and snuggle them warm again and breastfeed if possible to help regulate their body temperature. Do not use hot baths or heaters as this can be too much too quick. 


Newborn babies don't usually sweat to cool themselves so we look for other signs of overheating. Hot babies will be very red, sometimes with blotchy skin tone, if they have "stork marks" these will be very pronounced. Your baby could possibly even start panting. Undress to nappy and singlet and use skin to skin cont