Allen Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

July 6, 2019


Most families seek me out to photograph them, but on occasion a family is given a gift certificate for their photoshoot by a friend or relative, which is how I came to meet this gorgeous family. 


Little Toby was such a bundle of fun from the moment he arrived at the studio, I knew this would be a great photoshoot in the studio gardens. 





I love a snuggly family photo and as it was a lovely sunny morning, we made great use of the shady archway on the stone steps just at the door of the studio.  These photos are gorgeous in colour as well, but for some reason I always love them that little bit more in balck and white. 




Capturing the formal and informal photos in the same shoot is a great way to get vareity in a photo gallery, so we start with the formal ones first as these are often what people expect when they arrive for a photoshoot. You know the style "Stand here, place this foot there, look this way and smile like you mean it!"  




Once we have those photos in the bag, it's time to move onto a few games, which the kids love! 


With Dad it is often a case of the "air push-ups" and the kids love being so high in the air above their Dad.  I sometimes pretend I didn't get the photo just to make Dad do a few extra reps for mum's enjoym