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Baby Scarlett - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Little Scarlett was a total delight, as I am sure you can tell from that beautiful image above! But lets go back to when I first met her parents at their maternity photoshoot a few weeks earlier.

Occasionally, I will be asked about including pets in a photoshoot and of course we can! Pets are just as much a part of a family as the non-furry members and therefore I love to include them when it is safe and easy to do so.

It was almost as though fur-baby Venus knew how much things were about to change in his little life - although very little and very cute he is a total speed demon and got quite the race on during the maternity session in the studio gardens!

One of the great reasons to take up the offer of the free maternity session with your newborn photoshoot is that we can create a really cool "Before and after" photo like this one:

A few short weeks later Venus was back in a flurry - ready to introduce his new baby Scarlett!

For something a bit special, we created this birth-date and heritage photo for her, using the magic of photoshop to place Scarlett on a shelf with the calendar sitting on one side of her (birthdate circled) a vase of English Roses on the other signalling her heritage and the rose embroidered cardigan and bonnet that her Great Grandma had knitted years beforehand.

That sweet little outfit was knitted when her mother was just a teenager in fact. Scarlett's Great Grandmother wanted to pass down something to her Great Grand-daughter so well ahead of time she knitted these beautiful little outfits and put them into the glory box for the day that they would be worn. While the white set above includes pink roses, she also knitted these green and yellow sets just to be on the safe side. Or maybe Great Grandma knew something all those years ago?

She did cover a few bases because there were yellow and green outfits too of course, and don't they look just divine on little Scarlett?

Scarletts Nan made it to the session as well which meant we were able to capture some really special images of the three generations together. These images are extra special because her Nan lives in England and was here visiting to meet her granddaughter for the first time. The pride and love in this photo makes me catch my breath every time I see it.

For something a little more fun we put together this flower image, a little English rose bud nestled in the centre of a bloom.

Now don't forget Venus. Venus also returned to the newborn photoshoot to take part in the family and sibling photos!

We put together this cute set in the same tones as Venus' coat where he is looking over his new little person, a protective big brother if ever you saw one!

With so many gorgeous photos to choose from it was no wonder that we put together both an album and a wall collection. In fact I loved their photos so much I have a copy of their album as a studio sample here now.

Here is what we put together to display their photos on the wall and let me just tell you, it is just under life size!

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