Baby-Proof Your Home

August 25, 2019


By the time your tiny newborn grows into a baby on the crawl, you will start to find out about a whole world of fear! 


Welcome to the world of "Ways babies can hurt themselves" where you have to think like a toddler and pretty much become a helicopter parent. 


There are three things you can do to maintain child safety:


1. Create a suitable environment

2. Engage them in suitable, age and skill appropriate activities

3. Maintain supervision


In this blog, we are focusing on some of the steps you can take in your own home to create a suitable environment for your little one. Make sure you read to the end to find out where to get more tips on safety in the car, the farm, the water and more, from Australia's leader in child safety. 


Bookshelf and TV

If you are really unlucky, your child will be a climber. In this case, there is only one solution. Bolt everything to the wall. I am not kidding! You won't be able to stop them from climbing so it is a case of make your furniture as sturdy as the local kids playground equipment. 


Serious injury and death have occurred from kids pulling TV's onto themselves or climbing up a chest of drawers or cupboard to get to the top shelf only to have it fall on them.  You can buy brackets from your local hardware store.


Coffee Table Corners

Many a child has a scar on their forehead from a head clash with a piece of furniture. One main culprit is the coffee table. Maybe ditch the coffee table for a while, or switch it out for a nice soft ottoman. There are also stick-on rubber corner cushions you can get too which can be great for those things you just can't move. 


Baby Gates on Stairs

Buying that high-set house on a steep block with great views seemed like a good idea when you were 33 and kid free but now that bub has arrived you realise that you may as well be living on the side of a cliff. But don&#x