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Declans First Birthday - North Brisbane Family Photographer

One of the best things about being a family photographer is that I get to see the beautiful families I photograph grow over time. From the first nervous meeting at a maternity photoshoot, through to the confident (and a little stunned how quickly its happened) parents of a one year old!

For Declan's birthday, his mum did a really special backdrop of photos from throughout his first year. Some were from my shoots and some were personal photos they had captured themselves. It was such a sweet idea!

The family also wanted to recreate an image they had seen online with a giant balloon. Declan was not quite standing at his birthday but there are loads of sweet photos of him looking up to that balloon and crawling away from it with a big cheeky grin!

As always, family sessions around here mean just that - the whole family! So even though this was a session celebrating Declan's birthday, it was also a celebration for his parents of making it through that first tough year, and as such, they were also a big part of this photoshoot.

Since Declan was so close to standing, we brought in a chair for him to hold on to, and then to finish the day, my antique trike came out and so did more smiles as Declan sat proudly on there!

I love celebrating first birthdays for families with a photoshoot. The babies are always so happy and the gorgeous love between parents and their little ones just blooms through the lens. These are definitely photos that are treasured for life.

Contact Natarsha here to arrange your own birthday photoshoot.

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