Chapman Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

October 7, 2019


This was a very personal photoshoot for me with a family that I know well and enjoy spending time with. A family that get less awkward each time we have a photoshoot - which is saying something for teenagers! 



I first met the Chapman family years ago when their mum Leisa got in touch to arrange some photos of her jewellery line, I Love That Necklace.  (It's really pretty, you should click through to see her products after you finish reading this blog - I will link it again at the bottom) 


A friendship has bloomed over the past years, as our businesses have grown and blossomed as well, and what started as a business relationship has now become a firm friendship. 


So when she and husband Craig asked me to photograph their family this year, I was really excited. 


The theme of the day was to include their cute sausage dogs Sizzle and Violet as well, and as the dogs are older and not fond of travelling, I photographed this session at their home.