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Baby Leo - 8 Weeks Old

When most people think of newborn photography they can think of photographing babies anywhere from days old to months old.

Often newborn photography can have a stigma of "The Two Week Window" where for some reason, photographers have in the past, made up a window that is the only time babies can be photographed in, and Leo's gallery here is proof that newborn babies can definitely be beautifully photographed after the first two weeks. He was so adorable (just like his big brother!) and total proof that there is no age limit when booking in your baby's first photoshoot.

While I generally do schedule newborn sessions for when babies are around two weeks old, sometimes it just doesn't work out. People can get sick (damn you Covid) or not look into newborn photography until after their baby is already a month old. Whatever the reason for booking a little older, it still means you can capture some really stunning professional photos with your new baby. I mean, babies dont suddenly turn poridge-coloured-tartan-patterned after two weeks old and make ugly photos.

We always start with some of the most important photos in a newborn photography session - family photos and sibling photos. The Marucci family chose lovely soft grey and navy tones for their family photos and it worked so well! Check out out Leo and Rex are both so cheeky and sweet, this family photo makes me smile from my heart.

Oh, you want to see that cheeky Rex smile up closer? Sure thing! Sibling single portraits are always included in newborn photoshoots so these gorgeous moments can be captured as well.

Single parent photos are also a big deal for me too, so we make sure to capture that beautiful new relationship between just mum and Leo and dad and Leo. Sometimes things dont always go perfectly smoothly... but these in-the-moment images are always hot favourites in every gallery too!

With awake babies, expressions are a big part of the shoot - and Leo was so freaking cute when he gave this excitement-overload (seriously - even his legs are excited!) full beam smile - here is THE BIG SQUEAL!

I love working with a colour theme in photoshoots and as you might have guessed, so far we are all in the blues and greys. While I keep the babies wrapped or clothed for most of the photoshoot (it keeps them warm and settled which makes my job a little easier and your shoot a little quicker and a lot more enjoyable) I always get them undressed for a few photos at the end of the shoot, just to capture how tiny and delicate they started out. While babies under 3 weeks will usually (not always) sleep through most of the photoshoot, older babies like Leo at 2 months old will be more awake through the shoot, making lots of eye contact and blasting out big smiles and interesting expressions for the camera.

Because it is nice to have a little variety in photoshoots, and because a gentle cream/neutral tone is always so sweet with babies, I usually include a few photos in this theme as well. Some families like a gallery with a variety of colours, other families choose the full gallery in one colour theme, its totally up to each family what works for them.

I love to include basket photos in every baby gallery, and sometimes there is this idea that older babies won't fit. Well the great news is that with the magic of photoshop, I can make the background fit any size baby, so even if you have a big baby, these adorable prop driven portraits are still easy to incorporate into your gallery.

I always try to get a couple of different setups with siblings, some to match the family photos and some in a bright white style that is just all about the children and their beautiful new connection. Rex was so sweet here talking to his baby brother, and just look at Leos face lighting up to smile back at his big brother!

Oh and I nearly forgot to share this gorgeous contemporary family portrait! I can't look at this photo now without hearing Brandons voice: "And Jacqui your hair looks banging!" lol! It was the first thing he said when he first saw this image, and seriously it does. But also, those smiles towards Leo and his awe looking back up, it is just beautiful.

So I first photographed this gorgeous family 2 years ago when Rex was a newborn. One of their favourite photos from Rex's newborn session was in Brandon's pilot jacket, so it was a main request to replicate the images for Leo.

Since Rex was wrapped in the rusty orange colour from Brandon's name badge, I decide to work with the blue tones from the other badge this time around in Leos photo.

But when you see them side-by-side there is a total Top Gun vibe with both Maveric and Iceman here!

REX 2019

LEO 2022

With so many gorgeous photos to work with it was only fitting to print them all into a stunning fine art album, just like we made for Rex when he was a newborn.

It was so wonderful seeing this amazing family grow and to have captured the boys first photos each time. I absolutely love to see how children grow over the years, it is literally the best thing about being a family photographer.

And as you can see here, theres no time limit on when to book in your baby's first photoshoot, from snuggly sleepy photos to big smiles and fun expressions, its all part of the story!

Contact Natarsha here for more information on newborn or baby photoshoots.



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