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Once you have decided your ideal package, there are a few ways to make the investment affordable for your family.


Cash payments are always welcome. A lot of families use gifted money to pay for their package. Just bring along your cash payment to your photography session if you are coming for a family shoot, or to your viewing session if you are coming for a newborn shoot.  You can also do a split payment if that works for you as well, paying some cash and some on card or payment plan. 



The most popular option. There are no additional fees for credit card payments. While Mastercard and Visa are welcome, due to the high fees we don't accept Amex.

Credit Card

bank transfer

The only catch with bank transfer is that digital files aren't sent until the transfer has been completed.


While this is sometimes instantaneous, other times it can take a few days, especially if your payment is made on a weekend.

Managing Online Banking


Set up an auto-payment before your session to help work the cost into your budget. This way your package can be delivered right after the shoot. 

Stacks of Coins
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