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My full name is Natarsha March, and I'm just going to blow my own horn a moment so here we go... I'm a multi-award winning full-time professional photographer of babies and families. And I love it. 

Most people call me Tarsh. Yes, that means I have a rhyming name. I know, kind of cringey and a little bit funny. 

So, why choose me?

Well, I am an Associate Professional Photographer in the NZIPP, so you know you are working with someone who is not just a great photographer but someone who's work has been assessed to a professional standard and abides by a published Code of Professional Practice, Membership Terms and Conditions and Accredited Business Requirements such as being insured, paying taxes and having a registered business. 

I want you to enjoy your beautiful photos forever, so I spend a lot of time ensuring that they are absolutely perfect for you. I deliver fine art heirloom print products with matching digital files.   


It's so important to me that you are safe at your session. I have spent years learning how to pose newborns safely and how to use Photoshop to produce creative images in a safe way. I am always up to date on Australian standard vaccinations.

Your entire photography experience is important to me. I want to get to know you as a family and work with you personally every step of the way to offer a fun and pampered process from start to finish.



So I should probably start by saying I'm a kiwi. It's kind of ib-vi-us when you talk to me. I love my home country and I love Australia too, kind of like loving my two children the same amount. So here is my story:


It was 1995. Tauranga, New Zealand.  Teenage me is standing on the front lawn with my two best friends and a disposable camera in my hand. My friends have their floral-print skirts, op-shop jumpers and clogs on their feet and I am "posing" them for our "photoshoot". 


My obsession with photography started young, and if I could share those fabulous 90's 6x4 prints I would, but my friends are still my friends and they might un-friend me if I was to share our super embarrassing teen photos publicly.


I spent the first 15 years of work life as a television video editor. I worked in news, current affairs, consumer shows, kids shows and reality TV shows in both New Zealand and here in Brisbane. Most people think TV seems really glamourous but the reality is that it is incredibly hard work and requires long hours at a moments notice. After I had my first baby, I found that I couldnt drop everything to go straight to work at the stations when they called - as is requried as a freelancer - so it became harder for me to work in that industry.  


It was around this time that my mothers group were seeing my photos of my baby girl and started asking me to take photos of their own babies. Then their friends started calling. And thats when I realised that a new career was in the wind. 


I got insured. I got registered. I studied more. I upgraded my equipment. 


Today I am an award winning, associate professional, full-time newborn and family photographer and I couldn't be happier. 

Tarsh in bullet points​

  • I love bullet point lists

  • I can play the guitar and knit - but only at learner level!

  • Marian Keyes is my favourite author

  • I love good food and cooking

  • Light, bright and happy is my thing

  • Gardening is not my thing

  • Laughing is so important in my life

  • I once auditioned for New Zealand Idol (obvs that didn't work out, but I still love singing) 

Award winner Natarsa March
Hi, I'm tarsh
newborn photographer of the year Natarsha March
Natarsha March and children
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