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Flat shoes are best for photoshoots.  

INDOOR SESSIONS - Anything you like, your feet will not be in any photos. 


OUTDOOR SESSIONS - Flat shoes. Feet are rarely in the photo and if they are, you will barely notice them (see above). As there are lots of hills, steps and soft grass in the studio gardens, I advise flat shoes for your safety and comfort. Men can wear whatever they are most comfortable in and goes with their outfit. My husband wore his pluggers in our family photos, it can be as formal or relaxed as you like. 

YOUNG WALKING CHILDREN - Shoes that can slip on and off easily. When children are seated I often recommend bare feet so we can see cute little toes and not the big dirty shoe soles. When they are walking it looks best with shoes on. 

BABIES - Bare feet or sweet little baby shoes. 


My best advice on clothing colour is to pick a pallet that you would enjoy on the walls of your home. Neutral tones will bring a soft feel, or you can use your outfits for a pop of colour. 

I advise only one patterned item (stripes, floral, checks) and for everyone else to work in that colour pallet.


For example, with my family in the "gold, tan and charcoal" image, my mum wanted to wear that striped top, so we all wore matching colours from it. The more patterns in clothing, the more your eye has to take in.  


As you will see from other family images here, more than one patterned item can be fine in family photos, it just depends on what you have available and what family members prefer to wear. 



I like to keep these pretty simple. There are two colour options and two black and white options. 



There are over 40 gowns in our collection that you are welcome to choose your favourite two from. 

If you prefer your own clothing, thats totally fine as well. Partners should wear a colour similar to your preferred gown, so dark denims with navy or maroon gowns or light denims with pastel gowns. 


Shirts or polo shirts on the boys works well with the gowns.

Some gowns have matching dresses in the Childrens' Wardrobe