Baby Tessa - Brisbane Baby Photographer

January 29, 2018



It was a slow start to this session as older brother Elias took some time to warm up to me. He wasn't sure about coming into the studio at first but given his own time and support from mum and dad he was in and playing with toys before long.


With Elias happy in the next room Mum and I headed back in to the studio to start the session with little Tessa. She is adorable, no two ways about it. Perfect skin, beautiful eyelashes, a pout fit for a princess, she was all levels of sweetness and then some.


She snuggled into her mum quite happily, one of her favourite places to be I would guess. Listening to the heartbeat that is so familiar to her, feeling her mums firm hugs and listening to her soft whispery singing.


Elias came into the studio ready for some photos with his family and he had so much fun playing the "Don't drop me!" game with his dad before giving his new little sisters some very sweet kisses on her head.