Smith Family - Brisbane Family Photographer

January 31, 2018



It was windy and fresh at the beach as we met for this family session.  Thankfully the wind was blowing in the direction that would help keep hair off faces and it actually worked very much in our favour, giving an extra level of energy to this gallery.


3 year old Aara and her little brother Jacob were both dressed and ready for photos. Aara's mum told me that she sometimes takes time to warm up to new people, but we hit it off right away and were best friends within minutes.


Jacob had just celebrated his first birthday the week beforehand so this was sort of a milestone session for him as much as a family session.



The clouds had come in late in the afternoon and gave the sky a lovely diffused light which made for some stunning photos in the trees beside the beach. Lots of giggles and kisses, secret telling and tickle monsters, and Jacob had his first "swing" in between mum and dad which made him squeal with delight and beam giant oversized smiles at his parents.