Noah and Lenny - Brisbane Newborn Baby Photographer

May 29, 2018


Lenny and Noah were a special session in the studio, born at 30 weeks they were photographed on World Premature Birth Day, November 17. 


Lenny was first to drop off into a sound sleep, he's the smaller one of the two. His "big" brother Noah wasn't sharing enough in the womb and so Lenny didnt grow as much as his brother Noah. 


While Noah settled to sleep I photographed Lenny alone, which I think is an important part of twin sessions. These little guys are each their own person as well as part of an incredibly special set. 



Despite Noah being noticeably larger than Lenny, these boys are identical twins, which means that one fertilised egg split into two at the very start of their life, and so the boys are identical from looks right down to their DNA. 


With Noah settled to sleep we photographed the boys together for the first time, and this moment of two blissful babies sleeping side by side always gets my heart beating loudly, its just so amazing to see them snuggled together like this. 



We did family photos next and their parents are so photogenic you would be forgiven for thinking they were models!