Reynolds Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

August 19, 2018



Winter had certainly arrived for this shoot! It was the first really cold day of the season with gusty winds to boot!


7 year old Isaac and his 5 year old sister Sylvie were both pumped about the photo shoot until I asked Isaac to take off his watch and his face fell into a panic. He was ok once he realised it was only for the photos and he could put it back on again soon.


Thankfully we had scheduled this session at the studio to make use of our expansive gardens where we are tucked away in a sheltered hillside with beautiful golden afternoon light filtering through the trees.


We started the shoot in one of my favourite spots, the stone steps just outside the studio door. Kids love these steps as they look like they lead to an adventure! Some kids think of fairy gardens and others think of bug hunting, but either way they are a popular spot for everyone.



Next we headed out to another spot nearby where we have some beautiful dark green shrubs growing and a big log which makes for the perfect little seat!  I love the deep velvety tones in this area, and they make for beautiful black and white photos here too.




We worked our way to the top of the hill and the sun was sparkling through the tree tops as Sylvie enjoyed a shoulder ride with her Dad. Isaac and his mum shared a nice little hug before we moved on down the slopey grounds to the spacious lawn at the bottom of the hill.