Baby Evie - North Brisbane Baby Photographer

August 19, 2018



I love a sitter session, and I especially love a sitter session when I get to see one of the newborns come back to the studio! 


Im always astounded at how qyucikly babies change from sweet little newborns to snuggly, giggly babies, and Evie is no exception. 


Born very early at 27 weeks, she has done a LOT of growing in a very short time. I first met Evie and her family in January when Evie was nearing her due date, and she has always been such a little sweetheart to be around. Full of smiles and joy. 


So it was very fitting that we captured an image to show how much she has grown in that short time - so with a little photoshop magic we created this image - and we hope to add another one at the first birthday session too!



Evie's mum loves purple so we did a few more purple sets, and not once did Evie run out of giggles or smiles or cooing sounds. 






But when we put the floral bonnet on her... oh hold on to your ovaries, this is almost to cute to bear!