Baby Jesse - North Brisbane Baby Photographer

September 14, 2018


The first thing I noticed about little Jesse was that, well, he wasn't that little! He has delightfully chubby cheeks and the softest tufts of hair, a sweet button nose and eyes that look like they are talking in everything around him.



His doting parents had driven from the central coast NSW for this session and I felt under a bit of pressure to deliver for them!




With Jesse just under 6 weeks new we had a session lined up to capture all his lovely smiles and inquisitive looks, with the chance of a sleepy photo if he happened to drift off during the session.


We started with the family photos and they were so fun, little Jesse snuggling into his parents very happily.


I had just come back from a photography convention with some brand new props to try out and while some of hte newborn outfits were too small for Jesse I did get to use two of my new backdrops and a beautiful dress too. For his mum, not for Jesse!