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10 Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms - Maternity Photographer Brisbane

Get your bingo board ready and see how many of these crazy pregnancy symptons you experienced!

From bizarre cravings to brain fog that rivals the mental capacity of my chickens, pregnancy is a journey filled with quirky symptoms that keep expectant parents guessing.

We're diving into the realm of the unexpected to explore some of the oddest pregnancy symptoms going around.

But while they are odd, they are also really common.

So lets get into the mysteries of pregnancy and celebrate the wonderfully weird quirks that come along with it!


1 - Pica Cravings 

If you thought the classic "pickles and ice cream" was weird, you might need to sit down for this because some pregnant mummas develop cravings that are truly next-level!

Imagine a sudden urge to snack on dirt, chalk, or even laundry detergent.


Not even actual food.

So why does this happen? Well currently, theres no certain epalantion. However, some research suggests there may be a connection to an iron deficiency or other nutrient deficiency.

While these cravings might raise a few eyebrows, just remember to consult your doctor before indulging in a taste of the unconventional, and in a lot of cases, it subsides once baby is born.


2 - Excessive Salivation

Eww gross right?

They say pregnancy is a time of glowing radiance, but nobody mentioned anything about looking like a drooling puppy!

Experiencing more saliva than than a labrador at a BBQ ? You're not alone! Blame it on those bloody hormones for turning you into a saliva-generating machine.

I mean, on a positive note you could always get the new baby bibs out and test run them...


3 - Metallic Taste

Not only are you growing a tiny human inside you, but you're also savoring the delightful taste of metal in your mouth.

Forget iron-fortified cereal—this is the real deal!

Whether it's making your morning coffee taste like liquid pennies or turning your favorite snacks into a metallic medley, just know that this strange sensation is all part of the pregnancy package and will cease as soon as baby is in your arms.


4 - Nasal Congestion

Who needs a stuffy nose when you've got a baby on board? Pregnancy rhinitis might sound fancy, but it's just a fancy way of saying you've got the sniffles 24/7.

Blame it on those pesky hormones for turning your nasal passages into a traffic jam.

You can try nasal strips at night to help open the airways for a better night sleep (and prevent snoring while youre at it) and a humidifier in your room can also help loosen the congestion.

Nasal sprays such as a saline spray can also help, or even a decongestant such as Otrivin can be used for a day or so - but not long term. Always speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using any medication when pregnant.


5 - Hair Changes 

Pregnancy: the ultimate hair-raising adventure! While some lucky folks get to rock the luscious locks of a shampoo commercial, others might feel like they're shedding more than a golden retriever in summer.

It's a wild ride of hair growth, hair loss, and everything in between.

Just remember, whether you're channeling Rapunzel or shedding like a molting bird, it's all part of the pregnancy glam squad!

Oh and getting your 'do done near your due date is a good idea!


6 - Linea Nigra 

Move over, crop circles—there's a new mystery in town, and it's called linea nigra!

This dark line running down your belly might seem like a secret code from outer space, but fear not—it's just your body's way of getting in on the pregnancy party.

Blame it on those mischievous hormones for leaving their mark. Consider it a temporary tattoo to commemorate your journey to parenthood!


7 - Sensitivity to Smells

Suddenly find yourself turning up your nose at your favorite perfume or gagging at the mere whiff of onions? Blame it on those pregnancy hormones for turning your nose into a supersized scent detector.

Whether you're sniffing out the good, the bad, or the downright funky, just remember this new superpower is only temporary so try to enjoy it while it lasts!


8 - Hypersensitivity to Sound 

From the hum of the fridge to the distant rumble of traffic, suddenly every sound feels like it's cranked up to eleven.

Why tho?

Could it be...? Yes once again its hormone levels. The ones like progesterone and estrogen, that increase in your body and can change the way blood flows, even in the tiny vessels in your ears. This might make some mums-to-be more sensitive to sounds, and others might hear ringing in their ear.

Whether you're embracing the symphony of sounds or seeking solace in a quiet corner, just remember to dance to the beat of your own drum—pregnancy playlist included!


9 - Shoe Size

The mysteries of pregnancy never cease to amaze, and one of the most surprising transformations can occur right at your feet!

Picture this: you're happily expecting, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy, when suddenly you realize your shoes are feeling a tad snug.

Could it be that your feet are embarking on their own growth spurt? Yes, indeed! During pregnancy, hormonal changes and increased blood volume can lead to swelling and expansion in various parts of the body, including the feet.

But here's the kicker—sometimes those changes are here to stay! That's right, for some lucky individuals, those once dainty feet might decide to stick around in their newfound larger size even after the baby has arrived. It's like a Cinderella story gone rogue! I personally went from a size 7 to a 9 and never shrunk back down.

So, if you find yourself trading in your glass slippers for a roomier pair, just remember that you're stepping into the next chapter of your life—complete with bigger, better, and maybe even more fabulous feet!


10 - Brain Fog

Let's explore another quirky pregnancy symptom: "pregnancy brain" or "mumnesia"!

It's like your brain decides to take a vacation to Bermuda just when you need it the most. Suddenly, simple tasks like remembering where you put your keys or what day it is become as elusive as a unicorn.

You might find yourself walking into a room and forgetting why you're there or struggling to recall words that were once on the tip of your tongue.

Blame it on those pesky hormones wreaking havoc on your memory circuits, or chalk it up to the sheer exhaustion of growing a tiny human inside you.

Whatever the cause, just know that you're not alone in your forgetful adventures.

So, if you find yourself wandering aimlessly in the grocery store or putting the milk in the pantry instead of the fridge, take a deep breath, laugh it off, and maybe invest in a few sticky notes—or a personal assistant!


In the whirlwind of quirky pregnancy symptoms, one thing remains certain: this unique journey is worth capturing in all its weird and wonderful glory.

From pica cravings to pregnancy brain, each oddity adds a colorful layer to the tapestry of parenthood.

Amidst the chaos, it's essential to embrace the magic of the moment, and what better way to do so than with a free maternity photoshoot?

Despite the unpredictability, these photos serve as cherished mementos, capturing the joy, anticipation, and even the humor of this extraordinary time.

So, whether you're craving pickles and ice cream or struggling to remember where you left your keys, let's celebrate the beautifully bizarre journey of pregnancy with a snapshot of this weird and wonderful chapter of life.



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