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Melina - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

As they burst through the door in a flurry of welcomes, baby Melina dressed in one of her brothers 0000 jumpsuits and 2 year old Rafaelle hiding behind dads legs trying not to make eye contact, I had a good feeling about this shoot.

After 5 years of photographing newborn babies I have come to notice that things come in waves. Waves of sleepy babies. Waves of early-arrival babies. Waves of restless toddlers, and I had just had a wave of unsettled babies through the studio so I was glad to have returned to normal again with Melina.

As happens sometimes we started off the session with photos of Rafaelle while little Malina was in hair and makeup*. He was so cute sitting down on my little stool with such a plomp that a couple of times he over-shot the target and ended up on his bottom with his feet in the air above the stool. Not that it bothered him, he just got back up and had another go until he got it right. Then we asked him to say undies and you would not believe how funny that word is to a toddler! The smiles we got, just adorable!

Soon enough, Melina was ready for her closeups so she snuggled into mums arms and fell asleep soundly. Then I adjusted where her arms were and so she put them back to where she wanted them.

Then I adjusted her arms again and then she put them back where she wanted them.

Then I adjusted her arms again... Ok you get the picture. Melina did not like having her arms touched. Eventually we came to a compromise and mums photos were done, then it was Dads turn.

Melina settled almost instantly onto her dads chest, I think being so close to the sound of his heart beat and snuggled so safely in his hands is one of the best places any little girl could be.

Before you knew it we had clicked our way through the family photos and it was time for the sibling photos!

Except that Rafaelle was not in the mood for a sibling cuddle today.

Luckily Melina was, so we settled her in for a basket photo and Rafaelle came and sat with her and even gave her a kiss on her head. You can see how much he loves her already, he would go so gentle and sweet when we was close to her, he couldn't take his eyes off her sweet little face turned up to his.

Rafaelle then headed off to kindy while Melina stayed for a few more photos just by herself, some simple, classic and sweet photos all about her.

And I barely touched her arms for those ones at all.

*AKA feeding and settling back to sleep

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