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Baby Harrison - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Let me tell you it had been a busy few weeks for this family!

Not only are they juggling the end of year chaos that goes with December, they welcomed their newest family member, the adorable Harrison to the family - and then moved city the week after!

Somehow, they found a spare few hours to come for some family photos and I can't tell you how glad I am that they did.

Green eyes are my favourite and this family came fully loaded - I bet even little Harrison will go green someday soon.

Big sister Mila was not so sure about the camera, a very happy, bubbly girl but apparently every time a camera comes out she shuts down. Luckily I have a few tactics up my sleeve and we captured so many beautiful photos of her with her family and new new baby brother.

When she had her turn for snuggles she was all soul, staring right at me as though she were afraid to move, but when she got to give him kisses she grinned from ear to ear and snuggled him with delight.

Harrison wasnt too sure about some of the snuggly, curly poses I was putting him into, and he kept an eye and an ear on our goings-ons the whole morning, not once drifting off into that deep dozy sleep that makes things very easy for a baby photographer.

Nonetheless, we worked out our differences and captured so many beautiful images including some of him looking around wide eyed and interested. These are always such striking images, where you can really see a little personality start to come through.

Such a lovely morning with a truly beautiful family.

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