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It was a long time in the making to get this session underway!

Ceilidh and Sinead were probably itching to have their photos taken but things just didnt work out as planned. Many times.

After a booking made many weeks prior, were were rained out. Then unfortunately their Dad had an incident involving a bike and a leg (apparently it was not pretty) so when we finally got to our shoot it felt like we knew each other so well already having spent so much time on the phone organising and rescheduling!

It was a little touch and go in the carpark as when I arrived to the shoot location, the road to the normal carpark was blocked off. A quick scout around the other end of the beach revealed that we could definitely enjoy a beautiful session regardless of the change in plans.

The girls had both had a nice sleep in the car on the way to the shoot so when it was time to head down to the water they woke up and dozily said hellos as we all trekked down to the shoot location.

Their grandparents had also joined us for the day which must have been such a treat for the girls.

We clicked off the first formal portraits of the day and it wasn't long before things got a little crazy. My theory is that when things get crazy, just go with it! Embrace the crazy!

And so we did.

There were shoulder rides, a lot of running around the shallow water, squishing toes into the gloopy sand, little splashes with their feet and hands.

By the time we headed back to the shore the girls dresses were damp with sea water but the girls cheeks were rosy with the joy of salt air and fun!

There was a beautiful bush growing by the side of the carpark so I sat the girls down beside it for some stunning, dreamy flowery photos. Im in love with these ones - just perfect for angelic little girls!

More family photos with their grandparents and then lots of giggling with mum and dad as they were thrown into the air and dipped towards the ground. It was only when we were trying to get the last few photos of the girls together that things turned to custard. They were not having it. Not one bit.

Luckily I come prepared for situations just as this. So the bubbles came out! Standing together, we did the deal of "smile if you want some bubbles!" and so they did. Oh my gosh the sweetness in these two! Sinead wasn't too keen on cuddling with her big sister Ceilidh, but when there are bubbles and lollipops involved anything is possible.

The stars aligned and the girls captured the most beautiful sister photo, their bond of love and friendship so very radiant. Best friends for life.

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