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Baby Kieran - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Little Keiran was so excited to meet his parents that he surprised everyone by arriving a few weeks early, and so our session took place on what was supposed to be his delivery date!

At 10 days new he was such a sleeper, snuggling into everyone and settling so quickly. Not only did mum and dad come to the session but also his Granny and Grandad who had come from Victoria to meet him. It was a fun morning with a lot of love and laughter filling the room, everyone giggling away at each other and Keiran always the centre of the joy.

With family photos clicked off we moved on to some of the basket setups. Kierans dad requested a maroon setup and as I didnt have much maroon in my kit I put together a set that was finished off in photoshop, and I think it came up really beautifully!

We managed a lot of variety in the session with some bright photos, some deep coloured photos and of course my signature neutral photos too. I love working with families to create setups that are just what they want, whether its all neutrals or a mix of styles.

Keiran slept almost the whole time he was here, waking right at the end of the session for a bit of a look around and so of course I snapped a few of those smiling, inquisitive looks as well. I do love photographing babies asleep but when they have eyes this beauitufl its a real treat to capture those soulful looks too.

Keiran was the last newborn booking for 2016 sneaking in just before my annual leave started. Im a bit of a nostaligic person so I always get a bit teary at the end of the year, and when working my way through his beautiful photos you have to agree that we definitely finished on a high note!

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