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Luca - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

There seemed to be something in the air at the start of the year - not only had we moved house (and I now work from my awesome new studio - check it out here) but all my clients so far for 2017 have moved house within weeks of their newborn sessions too!

So along with adjusting to a new baby brother, 2 year old Thomas also has a new home too!

Thomas was such a cutie! When we wanted a big smile his mum would say "Show us your teeth" and he would do a big smile and move his teeth like he was chomping on something.

When it was time for a photo of the boys together we had to resort to bribery with sultanas, but it was worth it to capture such a sweet photo of the boys together.

Then I asked Thomas to give Luca a kiss on his hair and he was so excited he rolled over and nearly squashed his new little brother! It was all ok though, I always have both parents in arms reach for this photo as toddlers can be very quick when they want to be!

With all Thomas's photos done he went off for a play and some snacks while we finished up Luca's photos.

He was such a lovely sleepy baby, not too sure about curling up too much though so for most of the photos he was a little stretched out. But lets cut him some slack since he's been pretty cramped up the past few months it only makes sense he is ready to stretch now.

I did manage a beautiful curly photo towards the end of the session with the grey wrap snuggled all around him, this has to be one of my personal favourites from this session and from all sessions. I honestly love it, because not only is it really cute and all about baby but its about the only time in our lives that this pose is even possible. After as few as 3 weeks babies don't curl up like this any more and then thats it forever.

Thats one of the reasons booking a newborn session within the first couple of weeks is so important - you are more likely to get these sort of sleepy, curly photos that newborn sessions are renowned for.

So with the session all wrapped up it was time for the boys to head back to their new home for a much needed family siesta!

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