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Baby Jude - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Jude loves his Mum. I know this because he was so content with her that he overstayed the pregnancy by a week.

Luckily I always keep some wiggle room in my bookings so we were able to reschedule their session to the following week without a hassle.

This beautiful family arrived, Jude wide eyed and very interested in everything around him.

He stayed wide eyed through out the family photos, a little wriggly but not upset. A quick suck on his dummy and he was calmed right down. I barely heard a noise from him the whole session actually, a little peep here and there, but despite keeping awake for the majority of the session, he is a very peaceful baby.

The order of the day was for natural and neutral colours so I set about creating some setups in these tones. Since Jude was all about keeping awake we started with a wrapped up tight, snuggled in a bed photo on the beanbag. He has some gorgeous out takes where I swear he was looking right at me and thinking "what are you doing to me lady?"

A little more milk and he was starting to drift off. It was about time, since his Mum and Dad told me he had been awake since 6am, it was now 11 and he was still trying to keep awake!

Of course between the tiredness, heat and white noise he eventually drifted off and we posed him into all the pre-prepared setups without much trouble and the session flew by. Suddenly we were all done and it was time to wrap him back up for hometime.

Of course, now he was in a deep, solid sleep. It was very tempting to keep photographing his beautiful little face but I know how much more his parents would probably enjoy a quiet cup of tea on their own couch at home while he sleeps so we waved our good byes, and I truly hope that was how they spent their afternoon!

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