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Baby Ava - Brisbane Baby Photographer

I was so excited about photographing baby Ava. I had photographed both her sisters over the past 3 years so I knew how much sweetness - and personality - was coming!

When middle sister Isla was born we had created an image of her big sister Indi pushing her in a dolls pram. It has always been a special image for me as it was a lot of work to create that photo but such a gorgeous image as a result.

Indi and Isla

Indi, Isla and Ava

Well, we decided to recreate the image for Ava. Its not an exact replica as the new studio has the beautiful option of backlighting, and Isla is not a fan of skirts so the two older girls kept in their jeans, but I think what we came away with was such a personal, beautiful, very special memory of these girls welcoming their new baby sister.

With family photos and sibling photos done we waved goodbye to the oder girls and it was just Mum, Ava and I for the rest of the session.

We quickly clicked off my cloud baby set, Ava very sleepy and content resting in the soft fluffy "clouds".

Next we set up for a new colour set that I had never done before, green, white and yellow. Mum went through my flower stash and selected the flowers she liked for the set, I arranged them on the gorgeous vine hamper from David Lam Designs and we nestled snoozing Ava into the setup. It was divine. I love this set so much! I love it because it was completely personal to this family, I have never done it before and it was designed with a lot of input from Ava's Mum.

Next we were onto the sleeping on beanbag photos, which Ava was more than happy to go with. She's a little bit of a startler, her arms springing away from her body if they're not pinned down with a wrap or her body weight. So being curled up on her tummy was very comfortable for her.

The final photo of the day was one that we had started before she was born. We took a special photograph of her mum at her maternity session with the intent to create a before/after photo at the newborn session. I am so thrilled with how this image has come up, its just so beautiful, elegant and such an incredible demonstration of how amazing our bodies grow and carry life from our hearts to our arms.

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