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It was a beautiful autumn afternoon as we met in the idyllic riverside spot of Bunya Crossing Reserve.

Jonathan and Matthew were happily turtle spotting with their parents as I pulled into the carpark, one of the wonderful things about this stunning location.

Matthew quickly informed me that he knew what he was doing today because he had done this once before, which had me bonding to him already. I love the confidence kids have!

Little Jonathan was a great little model as well, listening and turning on his "good" smile on cue. These boys were so well behaved and so sweet with each other, it was such a joy to be around this family.

One of the first things that struck me upon meeting these boys was their eyes. Such bright, vibrant blue eyes and lashes every girl in the world would be jealous of. #jackpot

This session was all about the boys, but because I like to document the full family unit, I talked Mum and Dad into getting into a couple of photos as well, so we kicked the session off with a family photo.

Next the boys had turns by themselves, then together, and gosh they were so easy to work with. I tried a few jokes to get the boys smiling but was quickly put to shame. Matthew had a seemingly infinite list of really great kids jokes:

"Why did the chicken cross the park?

To get to the other slide!"

We headed to the river side and had some fun throwing rocks into the river. Matthew was very proud to have thrown the farthest wile Jonathan was just sad when they ran out of rocks.

Next was the board walk and the boys had a lot of fun running and jumping along here. With the action shots clicked off we headed back to the riverside. The light was so perfect with the sun setting behind the trees and the sky and valley all lighting up with a soft diffused light.

As it was such a beautiful spot, we did another round of family photos and I even talked Mum and Dad into a photo with each of the boys as well. I think it is so important to capture these relationships at every opportunity. I know as adults a lot of us dont like being in front of the camera, but it is so important for our children, not just today but in future, to have photos to look back on of them with their mum and dad and see how important that family bond is.

Dad started to show the boys how to skip stones across the river, and you should have heard them! Jonathan actually squealed "Dad!!! You got three bounces!!" while Matthew wanted to know the secret and was trying to skip them himself.

With all the photos clicked off and the light dropping by the minute we called it a day, and I rushed home to see what stunning images of these truly wonderful boys I had captured.

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