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Hamish Sitter Session - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Its not often I have a little visitor that comes with a massive crew, but Hamish certainly did!

With his parents, grandparents and 7 aunties and uncles in tow to fuss over him it was a full house to start this session off!

This family hadnt had a big family photo taken since the adult siblings were babies, so I think they probably look a little different to the family photo currently hanging on the wall.

With the big family photo clicked off, we moved on to smaller groupings, but the ones I loved the most were the aunties and uncles all fussing over gorgeous little Hamish! I think the boys were maybe even luckier than the girls with him - and Hamish fit right in with them too. He was so happy hanging out with his uncles, but when the aunties took him over he was not so impressed! We had to work extra hard to get the smiles for their photo!

After the family photos were done we moved inside to the studio for the rest of Hamish's sitter session on his own.

This is one of the great new advantages of my new studio - we have a lovely property to photograph on outdoors as well as the studio, so you can capture both looks in one session without having to travel anywhere.

Hamish's mum had brought the cutest little outfits for him to wear at this session, blue denim overalls, bright coloured overalls and of course we always photograph babies with bare skin, because its just so soft and creamy and I could stare at pure baby photos all day long.

He was only just sitting un-aided for a few moments at a time, but I was so happy to be able to capture this milestone, with Dad sitting just to the side and ready to steady little Hamish any time he wobbled to the side. I love how you can see his cute little toes in these sitting photos too!

Now you also need to take a moment to appreciate this little mans blue eyes.

I mean, come on. How stunning can one little man be?

As Hamish had been here for a newborn session we did a growth photo of him with the same teddy bear he brought to his newborn session. It took a little work to get a smile out of him but it was worth it in the end because that smile was amazing!

With the session coming to an end we put on his brightly coloured going home outfit. The cutest thing was how he would lay on his tummy, waving his arms around and talking to us, then take a break by crossing his hands in front of him and getting this face that almost said "You happy yet?" it was adorable.

And the short answer was yes. I am very happy to have had the pleasure of documenting this little mans first year milestones - I can't wait to see him back for his first birthday session!

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