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Baby Zoe - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Zoe arrived fast asleep on her Dads chest, her mum and big sister Riley just behind. Riley quickly found all the toys to play with while we talked through the print products and paperwork before getting underway.

Zoe had surprised her parents arriving just over 3 weeks early. She was also a little jaundice so as I was starting the session I was mentally rubbing my hands together that I was about to enjoy a session with a very sleepy baby, meaning it will be short and every photo perfectly posed.

Boy was I wrong.

Zoe settled onto her mum very quickly and it wasnt long before we had the first set of photos in the bag. Then she started the wriggling. Wriggly babies are tricky to pose and photograph, so Mum gave her a little top up feed while I took some of the most adorable photos you ever saw of big sister Riley in a pretty pink dress.

Riley quickly noticed the little pink pram in the corner of the studio and before I realised what was going on she had pulled out all the blankets and stuffers I had prepared for a special photo of Zoe later in the session. I should have known that the cute little pram would be a magnet for a lovely little girl to play with!

Riley had also found a little pink picnic basket in the toy box and she wanted to have it in the photos with her. So we got her to put it just behind her back, just out of the camera view, and she was happy to sit and smile and giggle with her Dad.

With Zoe all fed again we laid the girls down on a soft brown blanket for their first sibling photo, but while Riley liked snuggling her little sister for a short time, she was never too sure about it and was quick to let us know she was done with that cuddle after only a minute or so.

Luckily that pretty pink pram was still in play so we gently placed sleeping Zoe in the pram and with some very close parental supervision, Riley came and held the handles, then moved in for a sweet sister kiss.

I think I may have actually squeaked from the cuteness at this point.

Riley was all done so she headed out to play with the pink picnic basket as much as she liked while we finished off Zoe's session.

We had planned a floral hanging basket photo but Zoe was not settling into the deep sleep required for these more complex prop photos, so it wasn't safe to do the hanging basket photo. Instead we laid the wreath down and photographed the same setup on the ground. Zoe wriggled a lot, but I managed some sweet photos of her all the same.

Since she was a little wriggly I decided to wrap her up and lay her on the beanbag to see if she would drop off. Before I had her arms wrapped in tight she had stretched them up behind her head and was sleeping in a classic "Totally Relaxed" pose that was incredibly cute.

With a couple of beanbag setups photographed next, taking a little longer than usual as she was so wriggly, keeping a half eye on me at all times, we were finally done.

Zoe reminded me that no matter how long I have been doing my job, how much experience I have and how far the odds are stacked in one direction, you can never count your chickens before they hatch.

She now holds a record in my studio: 12 days new, 3 weeks early, jaundice but very wriggly.

And yet still adorable beyond words.

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