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Baby Isabella - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Isabella stole my heart from the moment she arrived at the studio, bundled up on mums shoulder, all squishy 9 lbs of her!

Isabella's Mum told me that as she was delivered the doctor said "Well, I dont think this ones a newborn - here is your kindergartener!" as a joke because she was such a big baby - in the best possible way!

I couldn't get enough of her chubby cheeks and pouty lips and I was in photographer heaven the whole shoot!

Big brother Alexander was such a cutie too, although not too sure about snuggling in with his sister for laying down photo he was more than happy to plant sweet little kisses on her head and whisper secrets to her while she slept peacefully on the beanbag.

As she was settling into sleep she would do the quick little "hih hih" sounds with the shivery bottom lip that children sometimes do when they have been super upset - not that she was upset, it was just a cute little thing she did every time she dropped back off to sleep.

As her mum loved the flowery setups I do, we created a new green and white one for Isabella and I love it so much! Its so much fun to create personalised setups with families on the day of their shoot, and I know that with family input like that we will be creating images that the family love.

In fact, I loved this green setup so much that I created a further artistic concept image showing Isabella growing over 9 months which won a Silver award at the 2017 Australian Professional Photography Awards in August this year.

Just when I thought I couldn't get more in love with her, we moved to the beanbag photos and the squishy level multiplied! I literally did little squeals as her rolls and chubs were all accentuated by the curly snugly poses. Gah its almost to much for me still!

She absolutely rocked her session and I love every single image so much, I think I may be her biggest fan.. after her mum, dad and big brother of course.

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