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Baby Henry - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I've met enough young boys to know what to expect from them, especially brothers! Lots of energy, laughter, curiosity, exploration and always cheekiness.

And this family now have three of them!

So as the car pulled in for this shoot I had expected the car doors to burst open and erupt with two energetic young boys racing out into the garden, but instead I was softly greeted by two sweet little faces, saying their polite hellos and patiently waiting as their parents got their newborn baby brother out of his carseat.

I immediately reset my idea of how this session was going to go, and wow were these boys great!

Their Grandma had also come for the session which was great because it meant that Mum and Dad could completely enjoy the experience with new little Henry and the boys had a great time playing with all the toys with their Grandma.

Little Henry had arrived 4 weeks early but was doing very well to be home from hospital within a week and here for his photos at just 8 days old.

Their family photos were done in record time - especially considering there were two kids under 4 included!

Next we wrapped little Henry up and snuggled him onto a handmade blanket that the other nanna had crocheted just for him. Its seriously so beautiful, just take a look at the delicate lace detailing on there. Divine.

We pulled the boys back in to have a quiet chat to little Henry and they had a lovely time whispering "trucks" and "diggers" to him. You can see these boys are going to be best friends by choice, bound by love and not just blood.

They snuggled down for a cuddling photo too and biggest brother Sam took on his responsiblitily of "Eldest Brother" very well, stretching his arm right behind both of his little brothers, while middle brother Jack had a sweet little snuggle just around new Henry. Oh this photo is for sure one of my all time favourites.

The boys were free to head off with Grandma for some morning tea and more playing while we finished off Henry's photos which included the blue circular patterned mandala and a gorgeous neutral setup on the beanbag.

Henry wasn't too sure about settling right down for us. He didnt cry and he wasn't really awake, he was just aware of everything. After the session had ended, he still hadnt dropped off for a solid sleep so as I waved everyone off I hoped very much that they would all enjoy a well deserved afternoon nap!

** BONUS **

Ever needed proof of how quickly babies grow? Well, here is little Henry just 3 months later! He was such a happy little boy and so full of smiles, just like his two big brothers!

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