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Baby Nadia - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to hear from this lovely family that they were expecting a baby girl - their newborn session with little Rick from just last year was awesome!

My excitement multiplied when they sent me a photo of Nadia before our session - oh my stars her eye lashes!! And a beautiful little pout to match - I was steeling myself for this shoot just in case my heart couldn't handle so much sweetness in one little person.

With 16 month old Rick in tow, we started the session wiht family photos, and he was such a little trooper! Calm, happy, content to watch his baby sister getting cuddles, then he came in quite happily for his photo with everyone too.

He was a bit wriggly when it came to having a snuggle for himself, so we changed it up and laid his baby sister on the beanbag so he could come and give her kisses as he liked, and he certainly liked!

Her mum had asked for lots of girly flowery styling so I had a lot of fun doing some new setups for the first time. First we did some simple white tulip imagery, then some colourful pinks.

She was a quite aware of everything that was going on around her, but she settled quickly into each pose on the beanbag - her mum very excited to get a photo of her in the tutu. It was so cute how she was breathing in a deep sleep and the tutu was rising and falling with her breathing.

With the session all wrapped up in near record time we farewelled each other all agreeing it had been such a wonderful morning, everyone - including 16 month old Rick and 3 week old Nadia, had enjoyed it so much!

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