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Baby Tessa - Brisbane Baby Photographer

It was a slow start to this session as older brother Elias took some time to warm up to me. He wasn't sure about coming into the studio at first but given his own time and support from mum and dad he was in and playing with toys before long.

With Elias happy in the next room Mum and I headed back in to the studio to start the session with little Tessa. She is adorable, no two ways about it. Perfect skin, beautiful eyelashes, a pout fit for a princess, she was all levels of sweetness and then some.

She snuggled into her mum quite happily, one of her favourite places to be I would guess. Listening to the heartbeat that is so familiar to her, feeling her mums firm hugs and listening to her soft whispery singing.

Elias came into the studio ready for some photos with his family and he had so much fun playing the "Don't drop me!" game with his dad before giving his new little sisters some very sweet kisses on her head.

The family had brought some sweet little teddies in to include in the session. First was a little yellow rabbit, a comforter that I have no doubt will be very very popular with Tessa for years to come.

** Top Tip **

If your child loves a certain comforter toy, buy a couple of spares while you can. We lost ours one time and they didn't make it anymore and I have never felt so helpless as when I could not offer my daughter the one thing she needed in that moment to feel better.

So taking inspiration from the yellow in the rabbit I created a lovely buttery yellow setup for Tessa and for the most part she seemed content, awake but content.

Next we did a snuggly blanket set with a teddy that belonged to her older brother Malachy. Sadly, Malachy is not with the family anymore, the eldest of the children. When Elias was born, he was referred to as a rainbow baby, the baby born after the passing of an older sibling. Their mum said that Tessa was their "pot of gold" baby. Which got me thinking...

It came to our attention throughout the session that Tessa was not too happy laying on her back. It is usually my go-to for babies as they tend to be very comfortable reclining, snuggled and curled up. Tessa was not happy. So after trying to settle her into two more reclined setups and Tessa getting more and more frustrated, we tried an "upright in a basket" setup, and you know what? She loved it!

So this setup came to mind as we had been talking about Tessa and the "pot of gold" theme. I loved the idea of "gold" spilling out of the "pot" that Tessa was in and that this is not a literal image, but a concept image. Tessa, the Pot of Gold baby.

Very content in her upright position, Tessa was soon in a deep sleep as we raced through the final photos of the day, snoozing away on her tummy on the beanbag.

She was so content she even smiled for us in her sleep!

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