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It was windy and fresh at the beach as we met for this family session. Thankfully the wind was blowing in the direction that would help keep hair off faces and it actually worked very much in our favour, giving an extra level of energy to this gallery.

3 year old Aara and her little brother Jacob were both dressed and ready for photos. Aara's mum told me that she sometimes takes time to warm up to new people, but we hit it off right away and were best friends within minutes.

Jacob had just celebrated his first birthday the week beforehand so this was sort of a milestone session for him as much as a family session.

The clouds had come in late in the afternoon and gave the sky a lovely diffused light which made for some stunning photos in the trees beside the beach. Lots of giggles and kisses, secret telling and tickle monsters, and Jacob had his first "swing" in between mum and dad which made him squeal with delight and beam giant oversized smiles at his parents.

Jacob was very easily distracted, so inquisitive about the world around him. He would point to everything that interested him, so every time a dog went by or a bird was in a tree we could not get his attention back until they had disappeared. At one point a plane flew overhead and we lost him for a good five minutes until we could no longer see it!

Aara loved dancing around, wiggling her hands and tip toeing her feet as she hummed a pretty little song that I didn't know. She may have been making it up as she went, it was the sweetest thing to watch.

We soon headed to the sandy beach and before we let the kids play with the sand toys we wandered over to the waters edge for some more family photos. The water was really cold and the children weren't too keen to stand in it (and fair enough!) so mum and dad kept a tight hold of them, snuggling in to each other to keep warm from the wind that was getting cooler as the sun dropped.

A quick break for some snake lollies (I know you are probably thinking that I mean for the children, but I actually mean for all of us) and then it was into the fun stuff!

Aara had so much fun twirling a pink ribbon around her and Jacob loved finding shells in the sand and digging in with his trucks.

We finished the shoot with some photos of Jacob walking towards the camera, a new skill he is still mastering but that he looks super cute doing, his arms out to help him balance.

With the sun all but gone and the snake lollies running low we headed back to the carpark all wrapped up, the children excited about their special dinner of fish and chips.

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