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Baby Paul - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

It was such an exciting afternoon when I heard from this family - I was expecting a booking for an updated family photo but it was to book for their newest arrival - baby Paul!

I had photographed beautiful little Kate just last year and couldn't wait to see how much she and Joseph had grown since then.

Well, Joseph bounced out of the car, full of smiles and very proud to show off his new little brother. Kate was more wary of me, not sure just yet. And Paul was peaceful as you can imagine, just going with the flow being the third baby in a busy family.

With the family photos quickly snapped off (Joseph a superstar but Dad having to work hard to get the amazing smiles out of Kate) it was sibling photo time, and Joseph couldn't be more excited about it.

He sat, very patiently and snuggled his new little brother, talking softly to him while Kate banged loud toys just off to the side of them. She wasn't having any of this photo business today.

Since we soon realised that we weren't going to get a sibling photo this way, I turned to my two tried and tested photos, laying down for a cuddle - and with some help from the handy-dandy iPhone we got a very cute smile up to camera, and then the other great photo for kids who aren't sure about their new sibling.

Now, you have to love it when kids are just kids. Which means you dont always get the big, sweet smiles. Sometimes you get "reality" and thats what Kate was bringing to the photo shoot this day. Oh how I loved it - so much personality and so strong willed, she will need every bit of it with both an older and younger brother to keep in line!

Little Paul loved being rugged up in the wraps, and he had a lovely little snooze. Then he woke up and was ready to party for most of the shoot. There are so many cute photos of him smiling to the camera, so cheeky already!

I had just bought the little teddy bear and matching bonnet and was so glad to use them in this shoot, and the way Paul snuggled the bear with a cute little grin just made my day.

Eventually all my powers of getting babies to sleep took hold and Paul dropped off into a lovely deep sleep so we were able to photograph all the sleepy, peaceful photos.

And just like that it was lunchtime and we were all done. The weather outside was switching between raining and pouring so I reckon this lovely family were off home to snuggle down for a quiet, sleepy afternoon keeping warm and dry.

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