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Baby Bryce - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Bryce was a tiny little poppet, arriving in Dads arms all snuggled in and very content.

Her parents were so proud to have her in their arms, they were positively glowing with love and although admitting to a long night before, they looked vibrant and fresh and running on that magical new-baby buzz that is ten times stronger than any coffee.

We started with family photos and Bryce was so content to be set against her dads chest, listening to his heart beat and feeling his strong hands supporting her in a sweet koala-hug. Mum snuggled her next and it was so beatuiful, one day Bryce will be a grown woman and can you imagine how incredible it will be for her to have images like this of her with her parents at just two weeks new? I would give anything to have photos with my Mum like this.

Her parents soon shared that Bryce was their little rainbow baby, and that mum had crocheted the most vibrant rainbow receiving blanket for her. A rainbow baby is a baby born after a loss, the sentiment that a rainbow follows the storm. So in honour of her sibling we did a photo with her lovely blanket and one with a rainbow and clouds.

Pink was the next set we decided on, a beautiful design with little Bryce as the sweet centre. I love capturing all the delightful closeup details of newborn babies as well, like Bryce's tiny toes, lips and eyelashes.

Her parents also asked for some pink and had brought a few toys from their travels with them. The moose was bought in Canada on a trip they took when they were pregnant with Bryce, it was one of their first ever gifts for their little girl. Teamed up with another family snuggly, we laughed that it sounded a bit like the start of a joke - "there was a moose, a monkey and a baby..."

It was soon apparent that Bryce was not much of a fan of laying on her back, so we moved on to the beanbag photos where she is laying on her tummy, and sure enough, she was happy again!

As Christmas wasnt far off we also did a cute Christmas image with a lovely Elf hat that her mum had also made especially for the shoot and I think we can safely say that the Grandparents will be keeping their 2017 Christmas cards for many years!

With the session wrapped up we waved our goodbyes, Bryce happily snuggled into her carseat for the drive home, and hopefully to let her parents catch up on some sleep themselves that afternoon!

Brisbane Newborn Photographer | Brisbane Family Photographer

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