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Davey Triplets - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

We have a rule in our family that we don't work on our birthdays. It's a day of fun, feeling special and making time for each other.

But when a family with newborn triplets come calling... well sometimes rules are made to be broken! Besides... its a pretty special feeling being asked to photograph 3 babies together so quite a birthday treat really!

Aiden, Elaina and Clay are the second set of triplets I've had in my studio.

As is the case with a lot of multiple births, the triplets had a lengthy stay in hospital after arriving at 30 weeks gestation. They finally went home after 76 days in hospital and with such an exciting graduation I thought it would be a lovely sentiment to create a concept image to show this time line. So with the help of my two young daughters we made a set with the sticks counting the days in hospital above the gorgeous trio asleep below.

I love to incorporate family into the images so with the next set on the beanbag we did some adorable images of Aiden, Elaina and Clay snuggled together, then brought in mum and dad to smile down at their incredibly cute babies.

I love that these three were all so different, Clay the strongest and biggest of the 3 did some hilarious "blue steel, ridiculously good looking" lip pouts that has us all giggling, Elaina was so peaceful and chilled out snuggled between her two brothers and wrapped like a little flower, and Clay slept so soundly he even started snoring at one point!

I like to capture these individual personalities as well as with their siblings so I always include a single setup of each baby at my multiple sessions. With the triplets this time we did a lovely neutral fluffy set.

I usually start unwrapping babies at this point in the session, but here was the catch - they all loved being wrapped and were not happy to be naked. So in this next setup they were all awake and a little wiggly, but I think it came up extra cute and really shows their personalities even more!

It was such a wonderful experience to spend the morning with this awesome family and certainly well worth breaking our family rule.

You don't have to have triplets,

I can photograph singles babies too!

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