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Price Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

Well it was a tricky day for this shoot. Showers all around Brisbane. It was touch and go if we would go ahead with this shoot or postpone again.

And somehow we stuck out and the showers dried up and the diffused light was beautiful and my gosh what gorgeous family photos we got!

Christine had booked this session for herself and husband Don, their boys Brad and Mitch and the boys girlfriends Courtney and Jazmine. Not a toddler in sight - a rare occasion for this family photographer, and one that meant we had a lot of fun with out having to work hard to get young kids to co-operate.

It was awesome. Or #sick, if I try to blend in.

Actually, you know what? I will try to write the rest of this blog without using my usual go-to words, and try to use millennial terms instead. #sorrynotsorry #stopitmumyoureembarrasingme

I warned them up front that we would be doing the same thing over and again and they were like, totes fine with it.

We were at the Bunya Crossing Reserve, usually a really busy place in the weekend afternoons but with the weather #lame-as it was really quiet.

I tested out some new spots for the shots, big family ones up first and then everyone took turns for the couple shots. It was #epic how they paid each other out during the couple photos.

The guys were even enjoying themselves as much as the girls, until it came to the dreaded "sibling" photo. They suddenly went so #awks. A bit of heckling from the rest of the family and the boys were soon cracking up again.

We finished the shoot by the river. And you wouldn't believe it but some young kids had turned up with their dog and were running through the photos carrying on about photo bombing. It was so rude, but with a stern mum voice I told them to keep out of the way and while they weren't impressed with me, they did. I wasn't impressed with them either so #whatevs.

We got some #ridic shots there, perfect light and a still, clear evening and we had a bit of fun mucking around ourselves since it was the end of the shoot!

And that was a wrap!

If you have made it this far through, (or more truthfully... endured) my cringey attempt at trying to be a little #kewl and #lit in this post, thank you!

It certainly made me realise that I am a 36 year old mum who is totally out of touch with teens but it was definitely a lot of fun to hang out with them for a few hours!

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