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Baby Axel - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

As they bundled out of the car, 14 month old Harper toddled over to me for a high five. The last time I saw her was at her newborn photos just last year and gosh she has changed!

Loads of personality, she's very cheeky and her parents are just so doting on her.

It can be a tricky age to get a new baby brother, but Harper is just so kind and gentle with him, in fact her parents told me that the family dog had been more put out by the new arrival than Harper. Probably because boarder collie Teddy knows he's just dropped another peg in the priority queue. ​

On occasion, I have included dogs into sessions. Its not something I do often as I am very cautious about safety, especially at newborn sessions, and even the best behaved dogs can be unpredictable. But as we had captured Harper with Teddy at her newborn session in 2015:

... it was only fitting to include Teddy again at Axel's newborn session too.

Harper was so sweet with her little brother, and then a little rough with him as toddles can be, but always with love, and born at 9 pounds he is a strong little guy who will likely be bigger than his sister in no time flat!

In fact when they arrived his parents said "Heres our second toddler! He's so big he just skipped the whole newborn thing" and they were right, even the newborn size nappies they had didn't look like they were going fit him for much longer.

With family and sibling photos all done, Dad and Harper took off for lunch and we finished the session just of Axel on his own.

Mum requested a dark navy setup but after just a short time in the basket Axel soon let us know he wasnt comfortable. My guess was that he didnt want to be on his back, and sure enough once we moved to an upright basket and then the tummy photos on the beanbag he was in a deep sleep.

Such a deep sleep in fact that I could pose him any way I liked without any hesitation from him - every newborn photographer's dream baby! Plus, those back rolls and chubby cheeks that had me melting on the inside.

I decided to go for broke on the cute-scale and put a little Teddy bonnet on him and tucked a matching teddy bear into his arm and then I had a little quiet squeal because I could not handle how cute this was!!!

We were soon done with the session and it was time for Axel to head home, I snuck in a few cuddles where I could and I can tell you without a doubt, he was definitely 9 lbs. I fancy myself a professional newborn cuddler and after only a few minutes my arms were starting to tire from this little guy! Big props to his mum for carrying him the past nine months and now - she's going to have a very fine set of Mumma-Guns on her in a few months time!

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