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Baby Theo - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Theo arrived with his Mum, Dad and big brother Harry. Harry is 4 years old and has some absolutely stunning eyelashes on him! He showed them off a lot for me at first, barely looking up from the ground, however it wasn't long before we were good friends and he was smiling and giggling away at the camera and the full effect of his gorgeous eyes was hitting me.

Since he was so happy being in front of my camera we quickly wrapped little Theo and the boys had a very sweet cuddle, and just like that one of the trickiest photos from a newborn session was ticked off!

Theo slept happily - half keeping an eye and an ear on things - through his family photos and soon enough we were photographing him on his own. As I laid him down on his back for a photo from above he turned his head to the side, so I turned it back to centre. He turned it side on again and when I moved him again he grizzled at me. His Mum laughed and said "Yes he does prefer to turn his head to that side" as he did just that again. I am quick though so I managed a lovely front on portrait before he moved again.

Since Theo was here in the week before Christmas we included a Christmas themed photo for him. I had designed this Christmas tree image just before they arrived and I absolutely love the natural, and smouldering darker colours in it.

When it came to the beanbag sleeping photos he took some time to really drop off, and once he did he didnt stay sleepy for long. I managed to photograph the first pose quickly before he became restless and I picked him up and resettled him into the next pose, which he was much happier with - forward facing. By the time I added a cute little teddy bear bonnet he had all but conceded our ongoing tussle.

I mean, come on. His name is Theodore. Aka Teddy. This kid had no chance of getting out of my studio without a few teddy bear themed images in his gallery.

We were on the home stretch when his Mum requested a photo of her three boys together. The boys had thought their photos were all done so this was news to them, but of course they all obliged in the most amazing way possible.

Harry laid down first for a "test photo" where he beamed my camera with the most wonderful big toothy smile that shone from his eyes all the way out.

Next I lay Theo beside him and as I said "Smile!" the two boys both burst into an amazing full beam cracker at the same time! I just about melted on the spot it was so adorable.

Next we added their Dad into the photo and it was another magic moment of the three boys all together, Harry and Dad smiling at their newest member.

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