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Baby Ava - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Ava arrived quietly into the suction behind her 2 year old big brother Angus. I totally did a double take (and I kept having de-ja-vu throughout the session) because Ava looks so much like Angus did as a newborn!

Heres Angus from two years ago:

And here is Ava:

I dont know how to do an emoji on my blog but my face is that blue and yellow wide open mouth one!

We kicked off the session with the main man Angus, he was more than happy to sit for some photos and even had fun giggling away as I played "round and round the garden" on his tummy. Every time we got to "tickle you under there" he would flinch in anticipation of the tickle, it was so cute!

It was soon apparent that Ava was going to be a rockstar at the session. She was calm and collected throughout the family photos with her Mum and Dad, then it was time for her closeups and she burst into the sweetest, most enormous smile you could see on a newborn! I literally squealed a quiet little celebration when I captured this sequence!

So surely, amazingly cute big brother, adorably sweet little sister, sibling photo GOLD right?

Yeah. Notsomuchtoday.

It was about this time that Angus was done having photos.

I had a few sneaky tricks up my sleeve though and in the end we did get some sweet sibling photos, just not the smiling at camera ones I had expected since Angus rocked his single photos so well.

I think its all part of the family story though. You can imagine in 15 years time he will be like "Mum. Why isn't there a photo of me cuddling my baby sister?" and his Mum will say "Oh, thats because you flatly refused my darling boy!" And they will laugh and laugh.

Ava kept her cool the whole session, she snuggled peacefully in amongst flowers of this earthy toned green and white setup.

She had a little drinks break before we got into the sleepy beanbag photos, and she totally nailed all of those too.

Aww the squishy cheeks!!

We finished the shoot with my signature setup, a nice neutral one and had one last attempt at the smiling sibling photo with Angus to no avail. But still, its pretty cute all the same. Getting a new baby brother or sister is hard. We forget that sometimes.

With the session all wrapped up we waved our good byes and they were off, hopefully for as peaceful an afternoon as we had enjoyed that morning!

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