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Lambe Family - Brisbane Family Photographer

Coming up to Christmas means different things for different families.

End of year parties, shopping rush, travel arrangements, and for many families, booking a photography session that includes the whole family!

Well this awesome family were lucky enough to score one of the very last available sessions in time to receive their photos before Christmas. Spring is such a busy time for photographers - and print labs! So if you are looking at a pre-Christmas weekend family session for 2018 it is a good idea to book in now!

Joining the session was Nani and Poppy, their three adult sons, partners and grand children. Some of the family had travelled nearly two hours to be there which is such a heartwarming thing about family. Family make the effort for each other.

Note: Some family members requested their images be kept private and so do not feature in this blog post

It was a beautiful summer afternoon at the beach, a light balmy sea breeze keeping everyone comfortable as the sun got lower in the sky, drenching everyone in a golden glow.

The kids loved climbing in the low trees and looking around for bugs and other animals they could see. The boys, Finn and Reve, especially loved getting up off the ground and being taller than all the adults.

We soon headed to the waters edge where the kids looked for shells and other interesting things they could find on the beach. And interesting things there were!

We came across some of these cool jelly egg sacks from the Conical Sand Snail, and the kids loved squishing it and looking closely to see the tiny eggs inside it. More information here.

With the tide receding we were able to wade through the very warm sea water to a little sand bar that appeared and finished the shoot with lots of fun dancing and playing photos with a gorgeous sunset starting to take shape behind everyone.

It was such a perfect afternoon out at the beach, the kids all had a great time, which of course meant that everyone had a great time!

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