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Ara, One Year Old - Brisbane Baby Photographer

After documenting Ara's first year it was a bitter sweet session to capture her last milestone - walking!

I first met Ara as a newborn, then again as a sitter and finally as a toddler racing around the Mount Coot-tha Botanic gardens, keeping her parents very much on their toes as they tried to keep up with her!

She was a little cutie giggling her way through cuddles and playing with flowers with her dad. Yellow must be her favourite colour as she was very taken with the yellow flower in particular.

It was a hot morning but she kept cool with lots of water and a cold yoghurt at the half time break.

She was in love with the little bridge we found in the fern garden, running and giggling across it, looking into the babbling water below, no fish but plenty of bubbles to keep her attention!

When we headed to the jetty she was excited to see the turtles in the water this time. The hot morning was drawing on and her smiles were getting harder to coax out, she reserved the best ones for her mum! She watched very closely as her mum raced about the gardens, she was pointing an laughing at her mum, it was the sweetest thing!

As we headed back to the air conditioned cafe at she enjoyed walking along the raised garden wall, peeking through the white agapanthus flowers and shooing her dad away, although the adults won this argument because safety is always more important than a toddlers bravery!

It was such a lovely morning and one of those sessions that I have so much fun at and then feel a little sad to say goodbye at the end because I do love seeing the families grow over the year. The little personalities I meet at the newborn session often are the same a year later, whether that is chilled out or strong willed, in Ara's case she always loved her snacks and was most content when she had something in her hand and a full belly.

I have no doubt that should she return for another session it will be the same again - and next time around she might get to meet my little Nemo toy that helps get the great smiles by giving out treats when he gets the smile he likes. I have a feeling she would love Nemo!

She waved goodbye as we headed back to the carpark, a high five for good luck and off she went for what I can imagine was a nice long nap on the car ride home.

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