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Baby Evie - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Evie is awesome.

She is a little trooper, as are her parents. Evie was born quite early. In fact, she decided it was time to come earthside as her parents were packing up their home in Singapore to move back to Australia. She arrived in Brisbane with her parents just days before Christmas, which was lovely as they were able to spend a wonderful first Christmas with Aussie family all together.

Fast forward two weeks to photo day and Evie had me captivated from the moment she arrived. Such a sweet little smile and the most enchanting quizzical little looks, as though she was taking everything in and trying to make sense of the world already.

I can tell you, if all the babies in my studio were as chilled out as little Evie was at her session my job would be a breeze!

We launched straight into photos of Evie snuggled in a neutral wrap and she was so content to be snuggled in tight, she quickly drifted off to sleep and soon began snoring! Every so often during the session, as she was settling down her mum would say "oh there is the preemie snort".

Keeping her wrapped we moved on to the next setup, the circular mandala. I love this particular one as I had it custom made with a beautiful mix of colours through the pattern.

To balance the colour out we next did a white set, simple and sweet. These white sets are also great for creating composite images where we can blend 2 photos together to create intricate setups without spending time getting the backdrops perfect on the day of the shoot.

Her mum requested a hanging basket photo with some rusty rose colours so we set about designing and creating this image also. I had her Nan holding the wreath and the rope to create the background and then photographed Evie separately, adding her into the photo during the edit process.

Lastly we finished up with some sleepy bean bag photos, and she loved it! She was happiest on her tummy, which was just what her mum had said at the start of the day, and she settled in to a lovely sleep as we fussed and primped all around her to make the perfect image.

Check out how quickly her expressions were chaining here, from inquisitive and thoughtful to sleepy and happy! It was such a lovely morning in studio and Evie was such a little treasure to photograph!

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