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Noah 1 Year - Brisbane Family Photographer

It was a hot breezy summer afternoon that we met at the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens for Noahs first birthday photoshoot. Butterflies were twinkling across the pathways and there was an air of peacefulness around.

After photographing Noah as a newborn and at his six month milestone it was so cool to see how much he had grown since our last session. He was not quite walking, which is a great thing for both photographer and parents at a photoshoot!

This time he had brought his Nay-Nay and Yah-Yah (please forgive my spelling!!) as well as Aunty Michelle and Uncle Keizen to join in the session.

Let me tell you right away, everyone needs an Aunty Michelle at their photoshoot. Aunty Michelle was first in line for photos with Noah, and she had all the best tricks to get his smiles going all afternoon.

Noah has this really cute thing he does when you ask him "Are you cute?" He will tip his head all the way to the side with a gigantic smile and say "Cuuuute?" I nearly self combusted from the cuteness of this little game.

He also loved dancing in circles with his Dad, looking at very interesting flowers with his mum and became obsessed with some of the leaves on the ground when we sat him down for a moment. It is amazing how you can almost see his little brain looking and assessing and taking everything in.

He loved holding on to his Nay-Nay and Yah-Yah's hands and walking himself around the pathways of the gardens, I don't think it will be long at all before he is confident enough to walk himself.

We headed to the little jetty next and had a lot of fun dancing and walking and snuggling, a few little snacks as well to keep the hunger monster at bay since it was late afternoon.

We finished the session on the most decadent green grass at the gardens, the newly planted lawn on the little island in the middle of the lake. Its divine. I love it so much, and look how amazing it photographs!

With the day drawing to an end it was time to wrap up the session with a bit of a fun family photo where Noah kept centre of attention while everyone else laughed and watched him. This has to be one of my favourite images of the day - he's so tiny yet such a great expression on his face he is the star of the photo without a doubt.

It has been a wonderful year photographing his journey from newborn to toddler, and a real honour to have documented such lovely memories for this beautiful family.

Happy Birthday Noah!

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