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Baby Jett - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to hear from this gorgeous family. We first met three years ago when their son Caelan was born. He has a really sweet older sister Grace and now a cute little brother called Jett.

The day of Jett's shoot was hot - 38 degrees in fact, however it was cooler in the studio, around 30 degrees and that heat must have made 6 week old Jett extra sleepy because he slept nearly the whole time they were here.

There were some sweet little smiles throughout the session, and at six weeks old you know they are real smiles and not just "wind smiles". At one point I was talking away to him and tickled his toes and he cooed and grinned at me, obviously enjoying the game.

When it was Grace's turn in front of the camera she asked to wear a pretty dress for her photos. You should have seen her eyes light up with excitement when I showed her the lacy dress I had in her size! She looked so sweet in it, and as if it was second nature she naturally started posing for the camera, it was adorable.

Next we added in Caelan and then Jett, and oh my world. These three kids. I had little squeals because they were so cute cuddling their new little brother, kissing him without being prompted, just kissing him because they wanted to.

And heres the cool thing about these siblings... Caelan and Jett share their birthday! It wasn't meant to work out that way but babies like to do things their own way and so it is that these boys are "birthday twins" born three years apart.

At Caelans session three years ago we had done a photo on one of the family blankets, so this time we did the same photo for Jett, and just so she wasn't left out we did a photo of Grace as well. Clean is in blue from his session 3 years ago, Jett is in maroon at the same age - don't the boys look so similar?!

By this stage Jett had fallen into a deep sleep and I was able to pose him any way I liked, which is exactly how I like to work! We did a gorgeous earthy toned nest setup and he looked amazing in it.

So it was a snuggly neutral setup with his siblings again before we really pushed the boat out and tried some cool minimalist images on a white background.

We packed everything down and they headed off for the day, probably to chill out somewhere with air conditioning!

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