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Baby Savannah - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Little Savannah is very lucky to have two big brothers to keep her safe.

One is her two legged brother Mason and the other is her four legged brother Marlin.

The boys were so doting of their new little sister, snuggling her so gently with the most delicate little touches.

Marlin has been a big part of this family since he joined them, taking part in their wedding, featuring in Mason's newborn photos and so of course included in Savannah's session as well.

The focus of this shoot was family photos and sibling photos with both of her big brothers, so I changed my workflow a bit to ensure there were plenty of the images that they had requested and we didnt spend time on other styles of photo that were not requested. I like to ensure that families are recieving photos that they love and by talking through what they want from the session before the day, we are able to spend our time capturing personal images that are just what you want.

Of course I had to capture a few newborn portraits as well, so we did a lovely soft pink set for Savannah to really help her stand out from her brothers!

The family are so used to their life with boys that when they were given a cute pink outfit at her baby shower they were a little confused at first, until they remembered they were having a baby girl!

Savannah's dad is really tall and she was so tiny in his hands that we just had to do a few different styles of "baby in hands" photos for them.

We finished the day with the boys back in the studio, refreshed from playing with the toys and having a snack in the next room. Savannah had a photo in a basket, then we took her out for her safety and brought the boys in for a turn with the empty basket. The resulting sibling photo is just adorable with the two boys looking in on their sweet baby sister.

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